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This is our client testimonials page. Testimonials are rotated at random to appear on our home page. If you are a client and you feel you can contribute to this section, please submit your testimonial to Don't forget to include your name and your domain name!

"My experience with has been wonderful. They have assisted me when I needed assistance and have always kept me informed. I've loved the service I've gotten. Having done some looking around prior to choosing them, I can honestly say I can't find a better deal. Cheap prices plus amazing service equals happy customers. The services they offer are equal if not better as services that cost twice or three times as much and's quality of service has been fantastic. I don't think I could find a better service and, personally, I'm not looking."


" provides the best value for web site hosting out there. Their service is top-notch and I'd trust with all my web hosting needs."

Tom DeCoff

" is the most value for money I have experienced compared to most hosting and domain name providers who charge extra for each service they offer (mysql, subdomains, email accounts etc). But the clincher for me is their customer service. My email questions have always been answered (to my satisfaction, which is a rarity these days) within a couple of hours."

S. Kumar

"Beyond a doubt! CleverDot is the best buy and best service you can find! I recommend this fine company to all of my clients! Please don't go away!

Your friend,"


"Great upgrades, fast customer support! The best damn webpage space you can buy!"


"I got a Great experience with has been fantastic. They have assisted me a lot when I faced a problem. I enjoyed the service I've gotten. Frankly say I can't find a better deal. Cheapest prices plus prompt response with customer satisfaction."


"I have a lot of plans for my site in the future, but for now I'm just experimenting with some code in my spare time. I don't have the time or resources to host it myself yet. So I searched for a hosting provider that wasn't going to charge "an arm and a leg", but would still offer quality support in the event things didn't work out the way I'd like them to. With I found something that was a little bit more than I expected. They are one of the least expensive hosting providers, and their support is terrific. Within the first week after I signed up, I noticed I needed something that wasn't part of the standard hosting plans. I told them about it, and within 24 hours we worked something out. That was over a year ago, and I still haven't had any problems with their service.

Thank you CleverDot, and keep up the good work."


"Cleverdot provides an awesome user experience for managing domains. Their website is straightforward, and they don't hock their own services at you in every spot of white space. The support is responsive and helpful, and above all they care about the experience they provide. I have several domains with Cleverdot, and any future domains I want will be purchased and maintained with them as well."


"Being a web designer I encounter a lot of different hosting and domain companies. I always am looking for the best value and service to provide my customers with. When something is wrong with their site, it is a direct reflection on me. I stumbled across Cleverdot one day and have never looked back. They have fantastic service and some of the best prices I have seen. Currently I use their services for 7 websites and have a few more that I will be switching over when it is time to renew. I have been most pleased with every interaction I have had with Cleverdot. They respond promptly to my inquires, usually within a few hours, and it is this kind of personal service that keeps me and my clients happy. I strongly recommend their services to anyone.."

Dan Riefstahl
Web Designer

"I have signed up for the Pro plan and have never before received such a flawless, eerily efficient and pleasant service. From a technical point of view as well as from a business point of view, I have chosen a service that more than satisfies my needs.

I run several web applications over my domain and all of them need to be up and running for most of the time. With CleverDot's service my downtimes are minimal. Any maintenance is -always- announced to me with good head notice and enough time for me to prepare. Any problem I ever had, has been dealt with swiftly, politely, and very effectively. The support team is a very pleasant bunch and haven't let me down even once.

If there is something I don't understand about my database or anything else that I can't handle on my own, they will take care of it without moaning. On occasions they have gone through great lengths to fix some issues that I had with my domain.

The tools provided for the buck that I pay are very good and exceed the expectations I had when I first signed up. I could go on and on praising, or I could make it shorter: There is simply nothing bad to say about's service for webmasters.

Benjamin Umpleby

"My experience with CleverDot has been a great one! The support staff is very responsive and very helpful. In addition to getting me on the web quicker then any other hosting service that I've had, they did it for the cheapest! With rates that can't be beat anywhere else, reliable servers, great support and powerful server tools, I'm not going anywhere else to host my web content again.

Thanks cleverdot!"

Eric Markow

"I began making webpages back when most people didn't even know what a computer was, let alone the internet. I started out with those "freebie" hosts. A little ad here and there wasn't too much to worry about. Then they wanted to put banners on your site. Then they wanted pop-up ads. Then, before you knew it, it took longer to load their stuff than it did your page. Instead of being a host to websites they became "cities". And if you wanted a site without ads, they wanted a "fortune"! Go figure! Surfing the web for a host, I came across "". Now this sounded too good to be true. I decided to get out the charge card and try it out. Here I am three years later and still with them. No complaints. As a matter of fact, I decided to get yet another website this year. So now I have two of them."

Several years later:

"When I put the key in the ignition I expect the car to start. When I get ready to brushhog the field I expect the tractor to be up and running. Same way with my website. When I click on it I expect it to be there. This is where Cleverdot shines as a host. Always dependable. What else could you ask for? "


"I have been a customer of for about a year. I have found them to be very reliable with regard to their servers being up. The times I have contacted their customer service department with questions they were both courteous and helpful. I already upgraded my subscription plan with them once and will surely do so in the near future as the need for site expansion progresses. Thanks, CleverDot, for the fine service at a fair price."

Michael Stewart, DMA

"No problems to report. I found your site about three months ago and have already set up 7 sites through you and have had none of the problems that I have had setting up and running sites for other customers of mine and it costs me about one months payments with my past server for one year with you PLUS a domain registration.


Toby Mikle

"I wanted to let you know that my daughter, who handles all the web design (though we haven't gotten very far because of other issues) tells me that she really likes working with you. Whenever she has a problem or a question, you always e-mail her back very promptly. I would not change companies because you have been just great.

You say that you are a small company trying to grow, well, there is nothing wrong with a small company. It all starts small.



"I really appreciate your quality and efficiency of service. Your server service is not expensive comparing all other professional site server but my site does really working via your server. For the price and for so efficient service (always answer in 24 hour from my experience) is your server the best to me. I hope your site server get much more developed in links and searching machine in the web world so that we can as the hosting users be more known for internet users and your server will also be more known. Thanks a lot and I wish you further success!"


"I must admit, I was a bit skeptical of CleverDot's Special Package, as the price and service is unheard of. These worries have proven to be completely unfounded though, as I have had nothing but good experiences. They were quite helpful with setting up my website and promptly answer any questions. Bravo on offering such a great service at such a low cost."

Nick Koza

"After two years I can Honestly say that I am very pleased with the folks at Their Domain pricing is very competitive and support is excellent."


"Hello, I am from Spain and I never see a technical service as great as that. I first buy one domain I have some questions about dns, and they help me to solve it. After that I decide to buy 3 domains more: .com .net and .org and I have a little problem, they solved my problem with complete professionalism. If you need a domain, you can buy it here, is secure, fast and the best, if you have a problem they do all for solve it."

E. Ruiz

"I have been hosting websites now for four years. The past year I started up with Clever Dot and found out that Clever Dot is the best Web Host in the internet! Working with Clever Dot as a host is very simple. The management is very helpful with any problems I may in counter. But I can say I have not had any problems this past year and will continue using their services as long as I am building websites. In the future I plan on hosting all my sites with Clever Dot! Using Clever Dot as a web host you can not go wrong! Thank you and will be a loyal customer for ever!."


"I have been extremely impressed with the service and price at Cleverdot. I've never had any issues or complaints. I was also amazed to find that I could easily add a wiki to my site with no extra charge, and that it was better than all of the wikis I had been considering paying for!"

Lisa Stroyan

"Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the service and value of cleverdot. Things worked easily and without any delay. Laymen can easily do the registration at cleverdot. Keep up the good work!"


"Thanks a lot! Everything is perfect! You can quote me on saying you have great service, as this is not the only problem you’ve helped me fix!

Thanks again!"

Samuel Horwitz

"The Support Team at Cleverdot is outstanding! Every time I ask for help I get a really prompt reply with a knowledgeable (and correct) answer. And the "uptime" and response time on their server is flawless; I've never had a problem logging in. There is rarely any delay at all in going from one email message to another or from one page to another on my website. Great ISP..!"

Fred O'Brien
Apple Valley Woodworks

" made it easy for me to register my domain… securely and with a perfect plan that supplied my needs… the web hosting is simple, easy to use… and with a lot of great options and Add-ons… I will not hesitate to continue my subscription with… I recommend you all to try…"

Zaid Asfour

"All there is to say is: You guys are AWESOME!!! It worked, and I still can't believe how personalized and fast your responses are, especially for the price (VALUE). I certainly know where to refer other people when it comes to the services you offer."

Eric Wickman

"This is how the things should be, it is shame that we don't see this kind of services and supports any more these days. keep up the good work. on behalf of my company and staff I would like to thank the Cleverdot's personnel for their hard work. I was having trouble transferring my domain. Even though the problem was on my end (my previous host), the Cleverdot support team was very patient and helpful, responding quickly to my e-mails. It is quite amazing in this day and age to get a great bargain on web hosting AND excellent tech support to go with it. I will definitely be recommending to my friends and colleagues and you as well."

Henry F.

NYPD Jewelers Inc, San Diego, CA

"As I writer I appreciate the fact that makes is possible to assign appropriate URLs to the web pages featuring my books for a very reasonable price. With e-mail forwarding at no extra cost, cleverdot's services are a remarkable value. Their service pages for modifying account information are easy to access and use. I have already referred several colleagues to Cleverdot and will continue to do so in the future."

Alain Silver

"Beginning 2005 I was searching for a hosting company for one of my domains. I am not a technical expert on website hosting and looked for a good deal on space-price-ratio. I happened to find Cleverdot through a web search and after comparing it with several others I signed up. I was surprised by the ease of the whole process and again pleasantly surprised by the generous extension of webspace upgrade. The cPanel access is fabulous for someone like me who does work from home and office and is not an expert, with its friendly fairly easy to use interface.
I have since switched all of my domains over to Cleverdot hosting. I would recommend Cleverdot to everyone I know."


"I used to register the official website for my upcoming book series based on my created world of Evertell. The user interface is painfully simple, the brainchild of a vegetable could figure it out with little effort. While I haven't had many questions that required contacting tech support (as the CleverDot FAQ's are quite helpful in themselves) the few that I have had received quick, helpful, and informative replies. I priced around before I bought, but not only was CleverDot the cheapest they have definitely proved to be the most efficient. I am proud to have spent my money with them."


"Hello guys!

Even the prices are lowest, support is responsive, fast and helpful - something I didn't experience with much expensive provider. Keep the good work!"

Bojan Mihelac

"I have been very satisfied with my cleverdot experiences, and since I am an amateur webmaster, they have been very helpful and patient with my probably "less than stellar" questions. I would recommend cleverdot to anyone."

Marilyn Olsen

"My website morphs constantly due to its ties to my education, this entails large amount of uploading and downloading, Cleverdot has never failed in these tasks, and coupled with fast, effective responses to my support queries and a competitive price plan, CleverDot is easily my most trusted web-host."


"At first I didn't know how and with whom to register. Then I got a clue from a friend and I've registered with easy, secure and fast ... no problem"

"D'abord je ne savais ni comment s'enregistrer, ni avec qui. Alors j'ai suivi le conseil d'un ami et j'ai choisi facile, sûr et rapide ... sans problèmes."

"Zuerst wusste ich weder wie ich meine Seite registrieren sollte, noch mit wem. Dann hat mir ein Freund zu geraten: einfach, sicher und schnell ... keine Probleme."


"I have been with for a few months now. There web cpanel is the best I have ever used, and that is saying a lot, because I operate quite a few web sites and I have tried most everything on the web. Cleverdot is a great service. Try them out, you will never leave!"

Phil Sinner

"As a non profit making organisation we always look out for the best value for money and that is why we have chosen for our website hosting requirements. It is a very easy to use, fast, not expensive and the support provided is more than excellent. Highly recommended!"

Society for Scale Modellers - IPMS Malta

"Hi. I found only 3 or 4 months ago. I already registered 31 domains with them. Why? Maybe they have not the best price in the domain market, but their interface is very easy and quick to use. I was a happy (name dropped) but when I started using a Diners Club credit card, they had no payment support for it. With cleverdot, there is no problem. The 2CO payment support is 100% reliable. I am a customer

Congratulations guys."

Alexander Pardo, Die Tusche Asociados

" is the best place to register and host your domain. They have the fastest and most friendly support you'll ever find! If you need a domain and hosting I highly recommend


Darin Cawthon
Director of Sales"

"CleverDot Staff,

I had to let you know that switching over to CleverDot from a server that we had been using since 1999 has been the best choice since we've been selling online for the last 6 yrs.

All the extra services that made us give you a try was; unlimited Subdomains, a shopping cart [paid extra for this with another company], Virus Scan, FrontPage Extensions & host of others. Our other Host provider made us pay for those service's. We are saving money and that means we can lower our price's to our customers to! Customer Service's in one word "Awesome" never have we asked a question that wasn't answer by the end of the day and the best thing --- it was the right answer to a problem on the first try.

Even if you are one person with a small website to a large corporation presence --- No body can go wrong with CleverDot it's right on the money for everything! Take it from me doing years of searching for the best.

Our company will be moving rest of our website's to CleverDot as the yearly renewal comes due from the other Host server.

With best regards,

Vikki Cook; President
V & V Productions, L.L.C. --- presence on the net since 1999
Troutville, Virginia"

"As a brand new customer, I was having trouble setting up my e-mail. Even though the problem was on my end, the Cleverdot support team was very patient and helpful, responding quickly to my e-mails. It is quite amazing in this day and age to get a great bargain on web hosting AND excellent tech support to go with it. I will definitely be recommending to my friends and colleagues."

Diane N.

East Coast Building Services, Inc.

"I have many years of experience with the Cleverdot services.
Before I found Cleverdot, I tried few services, but they were not good, for certain reason or another.
When I began to use Cleverdot, I felt a great difference. The service is so fast, the control panel have all the tools I need and more, and the better of all is the customer assistance. When I have any trouble, they answer me immediately, with exact responses and great courtesy. The cleverdot team is really a group of very good friends, sincerely ."


"CleverDot offers full-featured hosting at a great price. They've always been very prompt to reply to my email questions and very flexible with my requests. I've recommended them to several of my friends. Thanks!"

Matthew Worthey

"I have used CleverDot as my domain registrar for five years now and am entirely satisfied with their service. Not only is it the cheapest registrar around, it has the simplest user interface and it doesn't try to sell you an additional service at every step of the process (like DomainCheap and other registrars). Very easy to use, they are my favorite registrar. I can't speak to their hosting service because I've never used it."


"After trying other sites, such as (name dropped) and (name dropped), we were lucky enough to find Cleverdot. Love the ease of putting a site up, and more importantly, the incredible service we get with all our sites registered. We always get an emailed response within 24 hours of asking a tech question. Very nice.

In our opinion, you absolutely cannot beat the service for the price.

Clients for life,

B and L"

"My name is Francois and I'm living in Sweden, Europe. A Few years ago, I searched for a good hosting plan for my first website. In Europe, prices for a hosting plan are expensive and the service provided is often with a low quality. I found Cleverdot on the Internet, their prices and services mentioned were really interesting. I decided to trust them and to buy a hosting plan. Since 2002, I've had 3 websites with them and I've never had any kind of a serious problem. And if I have any question or a small problem (which is really rare!) , I send to cleverdot a mail and I always get a quick, efficient and personal answer. We are in two different continents, but the service is the same as if we were on the same country. Good prices and good services, this is what I appreciate with CleverDot!"


"Dear Cleverdot,

I am a independent writer who has a day job and goes to law school at night. When looking to set up my website I found most web hosting companies were too "paternalistic"-- meddling too much in the everyday operation of the website. Coupled with the competitive prices and excellent technical support, I have recommended Cleverdot to my friends (any anyone else who will listen). "


" gives me just what I need for a price you can't beat. I signed up in minutes and plan to stay for years. Thanks you for making my hosting/domain registration process easy, simple and inexpensive.."

Sam Wagner

"I can two things about Cleverdot. First, the price is low, it is competitive. Second, if you have any technical troubles or doubts, the support staff will assist you right away. When I have sent questions, they have answered me very fast. I recommend this company for anyone who wants to launch a from a personal, or even more formal sites".

Daniel Alvarado.

"Dear CleverDot,

I have been using cleverdot for about 4 months now, and I have to say you guys have the best tech-support out there. Every time I have even the smallest problem they have it fixed in less than an hour, even if it was my own fault. I have always recommend my friends and family, but not only for the tech-support, but also for the great customer service and knowledgeable sales staff. I guess the fact that CleverDot is the cheapest is just a little bonus.


Justin Milly
Houston, TX"

"Cleverdot has excellent service, fast response times to billing and customer service requests, and was referred to me by another satisfied customer. Keep up the good work!"

Neil Kayastha

"Few words - reasonable prices, all features needed, reliable service, fast support."


"A few years ago I was searching for my first domain name and hosting provider for “Building Tube Guitar Amps” I decided to choose because their message was simple and straight forward not all jazzed up as a “multi-million dollar operation” and this was all I wanted! Now after a few years with them I can say that customer support is great and they always respond to every one of my emails, fixed all issues within the first 24hrs. I think this is what multi-million dollar operations should be like. Keep up the good work!."

Robert Souza

"Though I have used Clever dot just once to secure my domain registration I did enjoy the ease of process. I also appreciated the personalized response to my rather panicked demands. These were well met in a clear and rational way and I am pleased to support their business.

Best Regards Julian D Farquhar"

"Great service, prompt support!"


"Never had any problem with
I believe this is the best testimonial one can give."

hydrocarbon process engineering limited, HK

"Hi, I just wanted to write a quick email and say that I am VERY happy that I transferred my domain to cleverdot. I transferred from (name dropped) where I had at about 5 hours of downtime with email as well as the website itself weekly. After they went down for about half a day in early January this year, everything wend downhill, my pop accounts would pull in email at random, I could not download at more than 8k a second if I posted a file and the cgi-bin was completely wiped out.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that you guys are great. The domain transfer was easy, the price is incredible for what is included and everything runs as smooth as silk! The control panel is great and easy to use, and the one time I needed support, I had a reply in less than 2 hours that cleared up the problem.

Anyway, you guys are awesome and I'm glad I found you!!!


Jack Yates

"I like value for money and I research everything before I buy. That's why I keep coming back to for my domain registrations. They are one of the cheapest around, and having used them for 6 years with never a problem, I have come to trust their service. Highly recommended!."

Aidan Curran, Stellar Web Works

"I'm looking for a job, and offers me a very good quality domain registration and mail forwarding for a very interesting price. I'm living in France and chose 2 years of domain registration with I'm glad about it, because it works well and my mails are forwarded without any problem !!! Try them, they work well !!!"


"Why have I kept my domains with Cleverdot for so many years? Very simple - terrific service! Yes, maybe I could get cheaper domains elsewhere, but in my experience bigger, cheaper domain providers lack that essential support which can have you tearing your hair out when you have a glitch and can't get even a response to your emails. On the rare occasion I've had a problem, Cleverdot has been fast to help and fix - such a relief. I expect to keep my domains with them for many years to come."

Lana Vickery

"I've had nothing but friendly, stress-free experiences with you guys. Thanks for the 5 years of support!."


"I am a small business owner. has always responded to my web hosting needs quickly and courteously and at an affordable price! Their support staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable.

I would personally recommend their services to anyone."

Kimberly Brigati


I use CleverDot hosting for almost half a year. Their hosting is excellent. The control panel is easy and with few clicks I could adjust all my settings of the web site. CleverDot have excellent staff. I have few technical questions, as they respond to me within 2-3 hours even and on Sunday. My web site is very fast and I know that CleverDot is the best hosting company.

Best regards,

A. Kolev

"I have been very satisfied with's service. They have always responded to my questions when in need of help.

The prices and the 50mb's are as good as any I've seen on the Net. And more importantly, I've been very happy with the uploading efficiency as it has been very good for me."

JD Long

"I needed a domain name for my project - delivered the goods quickly, easily and inexpensively. Possibly the best value domain names on the net. I thoroughly recommend them and will certainly be back for more names in the future as and when I need them. Go with - you won't be disappointed."

James Westland, Isle of Mull, Scotland

"I have used to register over 40 re-direct URLs to The process was simple, easy to use & affordable. I would recommend to anyone."

Bob Niles

"Have used Cleverdot for only a short time now but find the service to be excellent. Problems and questions are responded to quickly and most issues can be resolved in a timely manner. Only quirks are with small e-mail attachment size (<5 megs) and no secure-shell (can't create sym-links). For the price it can't be beat... Highly recommended over some of the higher priced hosts I've used."


"Excellent customer service ... cleverdot is the best! thanks!"

Frederick Bouchardy

"I am very pleased with your service and would like to thank you for the quality of your customer services. In the few instances I needed your help in the last 5 years, your response time has always been great. No mater the time-zone I was in, Australia, NZ, Turkey, UK, I have always been happy with you and recommend your services to everyone in need of their own domain."


"It has been a very happy 7 years using Cleverdot. I use them because their servers are fast, their prices are excellent, their support team are friendly as well as extremely knowledgeable and quick, and their hosting service never fails. They are very up-to-date as a technology company. I use them for hosting and domain registration. I wouldn't go anywhere else, and I tell all of my colleagues and friends in need of hosting to use Cleverdot. I've referred dozens of people to Cleverdot."

Damian Tapley

"I have to say that I am very please with the service an kindness of everyone at cleverdot. When I have problems I contact them and within 24 hours I get an answer or the problem fixed.

Great service overall"


"Not long ago my website mysteriously disappeared from the face of the internet, nowhere to be found. Nobody could help but the team at They invested a great amount of time to track and ultimately find my site again...NO that’s the best service I can think of. Certainly staying with these guys as long as my site exists, no doubt. Thanks again great people from!!"

S.Shahin (Australia)

"The folks at provided the service we needed to get our bicycle club web site on-line. We are very pleased."


"I am hosting my websites for more than two years at '' what I appreciate most is their wonderful assistance for my each and every problem. Being a non tech. person operating my websites was just impossible without their help."

Dr.Shashikant Patwardhan

"I have been using Cleverdot for about 3 years for my organizations web site. I inherited the site from a previous webmaster because I was one of the few members who knew how to turn on a computer. I knew very little about the set up and content of the site I was taking over having only very basic web page experience. Since I have assumed management of the site I have learned much but not enough to keep out of occasional trouble. When I have encountered problems editing the website the cleverdot staff have been excellent about helping me solve whatever problems I have created. Many thanks to the Cleverdot support staff who have put up with my questions and bailed me out more than once."

James Mayo

"My webmaster chose CleverDot for my personal site when we started it about three years ago, and we have found no reason to change. The product suits my purposes well, the price is right, and CleverDot makes the annual renewal easy for me."

Christopher K. Starr
Trinidad & Tobago


I’ve used quite a few web hosting services in the past and I must say that you can’t beat the value, service, and dependability of CleverDot. Thank you for your perpetual commitment to quality. I will continue to recommend CleverDot for web hosting services."

Chris B.

"I am webmaster of 6 websites on CleverDot servers. First contact was in 2002 and since then they provide excellent service and sometime very nice surprise by increasing (10 fold) account volume size, adding new options to the C-panel tool and keeping most recent versions of available CGA scripts. This is not happening with other web hosting companies I am using. Price for service is really hard to beat. CleverDot is recommended by me to all of my clients. Thank you CleverDot for that and keep it this way always! "


"There are two words that come to mind when I think of Cleverdot and the service they provide. Those words are seamless and invisible.

Seamless because there are no cracks or needs of the system being exposed to the user, no "OOPS!, were sorry", no frustrations, and no phone calls or headaches.

Invisible because Cleverdot does what they're supposed to do - provide exceptional service, so that you don't spend time being a web troubleshooter, and can get on with running your service or business. They say that computers are supposed to save time, and Cleverdot proves that!"

Rev. Will Brown, President

W. Brown Broadcast Communications Network Inc.


"I am serving as web master for our newly established (also, .net and .com), domains all registered with CleverDot, which also serves as our host. I am very much an amateur at this sort of thing, but I have found the support I have already requested at least three times from CleverDot during the less than two weeks we have been online really most encouraging. In each instance I received an email within a very few hours of my SOS, usually a problem not very complicated for those who know what they're doing, but how very nice to have a quick and courteous response that did not make me feel like the village idiot. In each case, my question was answered not only promptly and courteously, but accurately and effectively. Each question was handily answered. In brief, I think this service, inexpensive as it is, is first-rate, and I wish the people providing all success in the future. They make doing this stuff a pleasure......"

Norman Weinstein

" has been hosting our web site for nearly five years. They have always been responsive and available to address questions and issues as we incorporate new technologies into our web presence. We greatly appreciate their customer service!"


" has amazing prices! On top of that they view their customers as people and not just another number. It’s not a headache to reach technical support to ask for help or answers to questions. I’ve worked with popular domain registrars before and has blown them away in terms of caring for me, their customer."


"I’ve been a client of since 2004 & have over 30 domains registered with them and over 10 hosting packages for myself & my clients.

Over the years their service was reliable & they continue to improve & upgrade their services with an amazing control panel that is full of features & is very easy to use.

I recommended them to a lot of friends & clients & will still do in the future as they continue to upgrade & offer great services."

Managing Director
Tawasol Solutions

"Unbelievable price for outstanding service. Yes, it is REAL and you will be shocked at the great service you will receive as I was. I feel lucky that I found them. Keep up the GREAT work and that GREAT price!!


C. Jasper"

"I have been using for about a year now. I did not know anything about web site. The support department at helped me since day one. Today I am on my own and doing everything. I sometimes email them with questions and get a response from them in no time.

I recommend to all."

"You guys were a first address that I have ever registered. I saw the price for the domain forwarding and though it was a great deal. I have very little experience and your support staff was very respectful and answered all my questions in a very timely manner. Thanks for the Great Service! I’ll be sure to renew again when expirations come.

Thanks again,"

Mark Zapalac

"Cleverdot was the best choice for Collaboration Gallery ( A co-op art gallery we didn't have the big bucks to waste on the big guys. Cleverdot is indeed the clever choice!."

Tara C. Patty

"My experience with Cleverdot has been nothing short of great. The support team resolves my questions and problems the same day."

Jo-Anne Nina Sewlal
University of the West Indies

"As a former network manager I have dealt with to many support offices to count in the past, is HANDS DOWN the best."

Mark DeLauro

"I've been with for maybe a decade by now, and my experience with them has always been very positive. Great tech support, features, and we're talking about one of the best values around! Thanks!"


"I just want to thank you guys so much for being so responsive and willing to help me. I was so lost with how to get my domain started and you guys really worked with and stuck with me (even when I sent 3 or 4 emails a day) until the problem was solved. I just want to say thank you for the help! My site looks wonderful and is up and running because of you :D"


"I'm the owner of a Small Internet Business, and I'm very happy with the service and support of, what I can say for well, the only what I can say is "It´s a great service" and if you want a good place to register your domain, then is the right place."

Cristian Acuña S.
Founder of Tecnologias Codigonet EIRL

"I am very satisfied with CleverDot. When I request changes to my service -- even ones that are included in the basic price and which I've already set up -- they get them up and running within just a few hours. (My experience with other companies was a wait of one day, even several days.) They are so good about answering tech questions by email and fulfilling service-adjustment requests, that when I think of how much tech-support time I get from them for so little money per year, it's obvious that until everything at my end is set up the way I'll want to keep it, they likely won't make any money on me until I'm into my second, third, and fourth years -- which I will do with them (and beyond), because that's how good they are. The low-cost plans include more bandwidth than I'll ever use, and include site-traffic report tools -- which a big-name hosting service charges an excessive amount for as an "add on" yet which CleverDot supplies at no extra charge."

David Hayes

"When I first registered my domains, I used a company with a great name, (name dropped). I paid a premium price for their service, and when I asked for domain forwarding, they wanted more money. I soon realized that I wasn't paying for services, I was paying for the name. I was the percentage they bank on trusting them for their name alone.

Upon leaving, the 'great name' site asked me about 4 times if I really wanted to leave their services, and I laughed. They tried every trick to fool customers in to staying with them, even junk mail.

The truth is, I am very happy to have found CleverDot. I tried registering one domain with them at first. After seeing how much more they offered than a 'great name' company at about a third of the cost, I began transferring all my accounts to CleverDot. I haven't regretted the move at all, in fact I now use them for all my DNS services.

Thank you CleverDot, you've saved me money and gave me more!"

Steve Baldwin

H.O.W.D.Y. Media

"I always say my webhost provider (cleverdot) provides me with an excellent customer service/care, you go above and beyond my expectations, your support is fast and very helpful and clear, easy to understand. You are honest!!! People."


"With an almost unbeatable value for money, and a real human-typed support it is really comfortable to get your brand online. We at Meetai are highly pleased to have used their services for long and hope for their best in the near future.
Best of wishes,"


"Hosting our site with has been a good experience and the relationship has only been getting better every time. Your prompt communication (which has never crossed more than 1 hour), a friendly support team and most importantly; is excellent VALUE FOR MONEY. I would definitely recommend for a good online hosting experience."

Sheriff Rizwan (Chennai, India)

"Early in 2004 I was searching for a new hosting company for one of my domains as I was very disgusted with the GD Company I was using at the time (those might be the initials of the company or you could just use your imagination). The tech support was completely inept and I was tired of explaining to them what PHP was.

Luckily, I happened upon Cleverdot through a web search and after comparing it with several others I signed up. I was overjoyed the first time I had a question for Tech Support and they responded so quickly and actually knew what I was talking about. The cPanel access is fabulous for someone like me who does work from home and office.

I have since switched all of my domains over to Cleverdot hosting and I am in the process of changing all of my registration as well. I recommend Cleverdot to everyone I know. I'll never use another hosting company again."

Steffan de Graffenried
Nomentira Multi-Lingual Communications Group

"Cleverdot was one of the best places I found when I was in the market for domains. The process was quick and painless, and meshing with my server was easy as well. When my current server contract comes to term I will probably give Cleverdot’s hosting a look as well. Thanks guys!"

Nick Peelman

"I would recommend multi-locational growing consulting firms like ours to go for They are prompt in their response with excellent uptime. Keep up your good work!."

Arnab B. Chowdhury
Founder and CEO
Ninad - your e-Learning Catalyst

"I have hosted my account with with over a year. I never had an interruption in service which is the big concern for customers who host their web sites; in addition, the reply service is very quick and efficient. Not to mention that this excellent quality is for fraction of the amount customer may pay for large hosting companies. Out of 10 on rating scale, I would give at least 9.50 points."


"Dear Cleverdot Team,

I have been your customer for many years. This fact by itself is a proof of your quality and the quality of your services.

During these the many years and many operating systems and upgrades, you were

always helpful, efficient and supporting. I know that you are not the cheapest domain hosting provider, but you are still the cleverest choice. Your fast and effective support is priceless. The resources that you provide free of charge packed with your communication and support, turn your service into a treasure box.

Without any reservation,"

Prof. Yehoshafat Shafee Give'on


I have used your service for close to a year now right now I'm using your service as a redirect, being a beginner your support service has been very understanding and have always given me prompt service with a smile.

Keep up the good work guys and girls."

Elizabeth Hardnett

"Dear Cleverdot,


I am very grateful to have found your website. It helped me a lot in all my businesses. You made everything so easy for me to start an online business, and also to promote my other businesses on the web. Your domain hosting have given me the opportunity to at least try since you made it very favorable and very reliable. I will be soon purchasing more domains and i wish your company all the best."

Catherine Sy

"Cleverdot has been serving my hosting and domain needs for many years now. Their competitively-priced bundled packages have been an ideal choice for both my own business needs and the needs of the small-business clients I have done web design for in the past. Any time I have had a problem, Cleverdot's support staff has been quick to answer my email and have helped me to get it resolved without hassle. I have been recommending them to my clients for some time, have multiple accounts of my own through them, and I plan to continue to use them even as I am switching from web design to my own small jewelry design business."

Amy Howard, Web and Jewelry Designer

"I have registered my domain and space with and I don't regret it, The wide range of services and technical support are quite reliable, and I thank everyone involved for this huge effort."

Magd F. Saleh

"Your domain registration and web hosting has been one of the best values I've encountered in developing my business over the past year.


Dane Barlow
Lisdan Company"

"Clever Dot offers a great service at a great price. I'm very happy with Clever Dot and I wouldn't go anywhere else. With so much competition out there for domain services, Clever Dot has risen to the top!"


"I've been using CleverDot hosting for 5 years now, I am very happy with their support, and pricing too! Friendly and professional, very good balance... I am always recommending CleverDot to my friends and colleagues."


"My experience with Cleverdot has been A1. Besides the pricing aspect (domain registration and web hosting for $30 a year), the Cleverdot team has gone the "extra mile" in helping me establish my fledgling website and to give the kind of service you only expect from a much bigger company. A "tip of the hat" to the Cleverdot experience; it’s been great. Thanks again for all your help.


Leonard Eberhardt"

"Cleverdot, has the best "customer friendly" people who run their e-mail response team. Their response time is quicker than any company I've ever dealt with through e-mail. The difference between a large corporation and any other businesses is their "Friendly attitude". I don't believe Cleverdot has become or is a "super-mega" corporation, being they actually call me by my first name and not "Sir or Mr." I know I'm not just a number there. I can really tell the difference when I'm communicating with Cleverdot!!! I have no reason to look for anybody else. Thanks to Cleverdot!!! "

Art (the"strapguy")

"As far as I am aware provide the lowest rate for web hosting. I never had any major complain and that's because the people behind the scene are doing a great job. The help/technical support people are doing great and very prompt. Keep it up guys."


"Great Service, and the price its very, very good.


Angel Gaxiola

"I am writing to thank you for the high quality and value service you provide. We are a startup business that needed a provider with low cost as well as high quality and reliability. From our experience with you - looks like we have found it. We selected Cleverdot after some level of research and overlooking some big name providers - and have been very satisfied with your service. I wish you success with expanding your business. If people inform themselves of their choices in selecting a provider instead of just going with established or most heavily advertised sites, you will do well with them.

Best regards,

Kavindra Malik"

"Great service, no problems. Highly recommend. -Satisfied customer last few years."


"I signed up with Cleverdot because they were relatively cheap for the hosting services you get for your money. As a web designer I have to choose carefully the domain and host used to register clients websites as I need a company who is reliable and who can support various aspects of website functionality. I will continue to use Cleverdot for my various hosting needs for as long as I continue to build websites!!!"


"Some customers say "I would buy again," but never do. Talk is cheap.

I began using Cleverdot hosting services about 3 years ago and was impressed by how well organized and easy to use their hosting service is that also includes an impressive array of tools.

I never ventured to say "I would buy again." When I needed additional hosting I expressed my satisfaction with action. I did buy again. I now run two web sites, both hosted by Cleverdot."


"To those who are looking for a best hosting company, should be on the top of your choices. Personally, I have 3 difference websites on and never have any problem for one year. You don't have to think about any technical issue, they will take care of them for you. All the tools they provided are very friendly and useful. I am very very satisfied with the service and product of Many thanks to , the best hosting company ever!"


"In many years surfing the internet, and using so many services, I never found a service like It is at same time: cheap, with a good service, fast, and them brings to me a very good attention. I have 2 domains parked and hosting by Cleverdot, and I'm very satisfied."


"My customers are able to access and utilize my web site with ease and speed. Great job!"

Eliot Waldman

"We have been clients of since 2004 and are very satisfied with the service they have provided over the years. Our knowledge of dealing with domains and hosting is extremely limited and we have benefited from the technical service provided many, many times. We have found the folks at to be knowledgeable, prompt and helpful in their responses, and always willing to take the time needed to be sure we were comfortable and satisfied with the services provided."


"You guys are great, you have a fast customer service, cheap prices, and your uptime rate is the best I've ever seen. I recommend you to people who are looking for a cheap and a quick place to host."


"Dear CleverDot,

I had and still have several domains and hosting plans with your company for several years. Whenever I had questions, they were answered promptly and in a friendly, professional and courteous manner.

I would recommend your company any time. Your prices are very reasonable; your service is reliable and you keep improving on the software you offer for free for any client to use.


A happy client,
Transair World Corporation."


"Your tools and stats enabled me to easily set up and manage my site. I especially appreciate having an autoresponder to complete sales. Hosting with CleverDot was the best decision I made."

--M.A. Montgomery

"I think where cleverdot really shine is in support. I have a very small club site running and I had a file-permission problem one weekend. It was no big deal and I wasnt expecting to solve it till the Monday after. so I wrote an email not expecting an immediate response. However 20min later I had a reply and problem solved!! I'm even in a different timezone (GMT) and always get a fast response. This is better support than any so-called enterprise class hosting/cloud providers that I've worked with in my 9 to 5 job."


"I am very satisfied with's service and pricing. The setup from domain registering to web hosting was quick easy and user friendly. I appreciate the nofications whenever there is scheduled maintenance. There is no down time that I have noticed since I have used them. There have been no problems with server speed, accessing, or files. The pricing is excellent as Cleverdot provides a monthly payment option. I have to say that I am a satisfied customer who encourages you to check out!!!"


" Hello and thank you to all who works at cleverdot, i have been using your hosting service since 2009 and it is great, the client support it is also wonderfull and i have been recomending you with my friends and they also tell me the service is really good. So you ask me to give my support, well of course i give it to you. Congratulations and keep doing the best."


"I run a chocolate website part time and am a law student full time, so time is very important to me. I have had Cleverdot for years now, the reason I keep getting it is because it is still the cheapest out there and the easiest to set up, that is very important to me. I have looked at Go Daddy and the others, other than there hot spoke models, they have so many hidden fees that the " out the door" price far exceeds cleverdot. I shop around for everything, I am known for that, and this is the best deal out there. The service is great also, it's so easy to set up, they give you all the info you need to get started, and they give you access to so many start up web templates its a no brainer. I use the e-commerce one that is offered for my chocolate store, people love the website, they order with no issues, easy peasy. Lets say you do have a hiccup, just email them and they are on it like that same day! They asked for me to write a testimonial about my experience with them, and I was happy to do so. Good company's like cleverdot are hard to come by and we all know how when you find something you like, next day it's gone. So I will continue my support for this company as long as they stay the way they are and hope they are around for many many years to come! Thanks cleverdot! ."


"Cleverdot is great. Probably the best price on the net, and the servers keep my site up and running. Customer service is quick. They also go the extra mile. I have been using web site hosters since the dawn of the internet, and to date Cleverdot ranks at the top of my list."


"I have been very satisfied with's service and pricing. The setup from domain registering to web hosting was quick easy and user friendly. I have noticed no down time since the site went up. There have been no problems with server speed, accessing, or files. Our Flash site runs quickly and without a hitch. The pricing is excellent as Cleverdot provides a monthly payment option. I have to say that I am a satisfied customer who encourages you to check out!!!"

D. Phelps

"I use for two websites, and I have gotten great service from The service team got back to me within a few hours when I had a problem uploading my blog and they sorted it out quickly. Besides great service, is cheap! I've recommended them to my friends and will continue to do so."


"I've been with Cleverdot for years. The support is fantastic. The price is more than fair. And I wouldn't dream of moving my sites to any other provider. Very very happy customer!"


"I have said this to you guys before but it's worth repeating, your service is really excellent and very fast."


"You guys absolutely RULE !!!

You guys went far and beyond what I was entitled to, to assist me in solving this problem. I do understand that you had no obligation to help me to solve this problem, yet you very courteously spent hours going over this problem, and offering suggestions as to solutions.

I'm pleased to say that the problem is now solved.

The problem was an oh-so-tiny typo in the script.......a semi-colon inside of a quote.....instead of outside. It totally trashed the script. PERL is extremely strict in its usage. It ain't forgiving like browsers are with HTML.

The website that I am setting up is about computer maintenance. It has a section on setting up your own site in the niche that you are an expert in. And at the end of that section your site.

Well.............guess who I am gonna recommend as the #1 choice !!!!!!!!!!

Price... 5 stars
Support...5 stars
Uptime...5 stars
Overall value.......yea, right......find someone better..........ya let me know.......6 out of a possible 5



"I wanted to take a minute or two to express my thanks and appreciation for I have been using Cleverdot for a couple of years now. I also had another domain that I would use whatever free hosting I could find because it was mainly a hobby site. When I became frustrated with the free hosting’s limited capabilities, i.e., no PHP and no databases, I considered that my initial site hosted with Cleverdot had a lot of unused potential as far as space and available databases. I contacted Cleverdot via email and within a day, my hobby site was moved over to my space hosted with Cleverdot. There was a minimal charge, which I thought was very fair and the effort could not have been more simple. I have since bettered my skills and now make pages for friends and I insist that if they want my help, they will use Cleverdot for their hosting needs. The uptime for my site is excellent and they always let me know if there is to be server maintenance that may or may not affect my site. When I have had any questions or issues, their support team responds remarkably prompt and resolves my questions and issues just as quick. I have used, for rather short periods of time, other paid hosts. I won’t name them, but you have read and seen their ads. You feel as though you are a number…one they seem to forget too. With Cleverdot, I feel like they are looking to make me happy and do what is necessary to achieve that end.

Thanks for the excellent service and I look forward to many more years of it."


"When i brought my domain i ask a friend from whom should i buy it, he told me about, since than i doubt i'll switch to something else, cheers :)"

Salajan Mihai

"I have been using Cleverdot to host my main website, for about 6 years now (and my new site for about a year). I was a bit nervous at first in dealing with a smaller company (initially went with them based on a recommendation for both their service and rates), but have been quite impressed with their customer support. I haven't had a lot of problems, but on the occasion when I there has been snags, their response to my emails has always been prompt, often receiving a reply within minutes, and fixes taken care of immediately when it was in their power to do so, or clear recommendations when the problem was on my end. I have recommended them to several friends who are now using their service, and will continue to do so."

Bob Gadd
RG Woodworker Specialties
Levi Guitars

"I have been developing websites for 7 years and hosting is always an issue. Most host companies want to charge an arm & leg, support is crummy and the features are lacking. When I found I thought it was too good to be true. I was wrong, the added services are unbeatable and tech support is remarkable. Nowhere else can you get all the services they offer at the prices they charge. Anytime I have a problem, I contact tech support and they resolve my problem immediately. I recommend and use for all my clients."

Judson Cooper

" provides extraordinary value for the money, and really makes it easy to get established with a web presence. Their URL forwarding and email forwarding work seamlessly, and let you have a fully functioning domain even before making your long-term decisions about hosting. In addition, their support staff have been very helpful and friendly. I recommend them highly.


The Daily Hope"

First testimonial:

"Thanks!! The order went thru!!!! You guys are the best!! This is why I am moving all my domains from (name dropped) and giving you guys all of my future webmastering domain set ups!!! And you can add that to you testimonials!!! You guys ROCK!!"

Several years later:

"I have been with for YEARS!! I am a graphic/web designer. Ive been doing this for over 30 years. I WAS with E***, before this, for probably 4 years. Their customer support went all to hell, and I needed a place that I could take my customers. One that I could depend on and recommend to my customers!! One that would take good care of them when I no longer controlled the site.

My brother, who is an IT man for a very large oil company out of San Fransisco, recommended for all my websites. I looked at their site and liked to smile soooo wide seeing their package deal they had, for domain name AND site, per year!!! WHAT a DEAL!!!

So I hooked up with them with 5-6 different sites of my own, and every customer I have dealt with since then. I find their support and sales to be on the ball!! EVERY time I have sent in a request for anything they have gotten back to me unbelievably fast, day or night. I tend to be a night owl. So when I sent requests, questions, or anything else,then go to bed. I would wake up the next morning with my answer.

Their Cpanel is the S**T!!! If I was a beginner web designer I would SO be in love with ALL that they offer.....from basic web design, to setting up your own store!! Stats...EVERYTHING one could want to know about their site.....who is looking at you....where did they come from (site)..... How many times looked at - Monthly - Weekly - Daily - Hourly.... OMG! Does it GET any better then THAT!!! The services they offer the web site administrator are incredible!!

I will be using Cleverdot for many years to come and I suggest anyone looking to save money, have great tech support, site stats, and aids in setting up the coolest sites/blogs, should too!!! THANK YOU CLEVERDOT, you got MY business!!! YOU ROCK!!!"

Annette, Webmaster

"Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service once again. I've dealt with many hosting companies and domain providers but none of them can top what you guys offer. Your response time is amazing and I am recommending your service to everyone."

Kathy Smith


I had no troubles while using hosting service since very beginning.
I use e-mail boxes, e-mail aliases, e-mail forwarding, domain name(s),ftp, and web server.
It works great for me ;-).
Compared to other providers, the price is VERY reasonable.
The support service is responsive and dedicated.


"The support at is unbelievable. They respond to emails very quickly and are very helpful! I would recommend them to anyone!"

C. Johnson


As a client of I must say that I am very happy from their work!
I have over than 8 years experience online and I see that it's one of the cheapest and the best Web-Hosting on the net! I highly recommend to everybody out there.


Your Friend,

Socratous John"

Founder of:

"I am a beginner in the web creation world and has made it possible for me to navigate and find information easily. Their quick response to questions and problems continues to allow me to accomplish the task. I will continue to subscribe to and recommend that everyone try them out. They continue to provide all of their clients with an excellent and personal service at a great value."


"You have my full support. I have been with other web space and web domain providers in previous years, and so far CleverDot has been the easiest, user friendly, and helpful by far. With their server upgrades and helpful support I find CleverDot as the way to go."


"Just want to take the time to thank you for this service. Your no rubbish simple to use website is a breath of fresh air compared to the other websites. Great prices and simple to use.

Cheers, M. McSorley"

Owner of

"What a great deal for my small websites! Cleverdot is very reliable and the support is always quick and friendly. It's amazing that I receive the same level of customer service as someone with a huge account. Thanks!"

Becki Carraway

"Cleverdot can be described in one word. Wonderful. Although they are not the cheapest way to purchase domain names, they give you more for your money. You email redirection, and website redirection. They are very nice and will respond to any questions you have within a day. I have contacted Cleverdot support many times, and many times they have fixed my problems. Cleverdot is the best!"


"I first discovered through an online advertisement. After reviewing the features and pricing of the service, I immediately transferred all my domains to the service and have never looked back since. Of all my years on the internet and hosting sites, finding a good, inexpensive, reliable, and robust easy to use registrar is a very difficult thing to do but thanks to these guys, I believe I will never have to worry again. The price is outstanding, technical support is right on, reliability is as good as I could ask for, and the service is very robust and easy to use. Thank you, for making my online life just that much easier."


"Cleverdot is the best web host I found with exceptional customer support. Super fast servers combined with their knowledgeable staff make it the best choice for your site."


"I first chose because of the package offering domain registration and one year of hosting for just under $30. I didn't have a lot of money to start my business, and the price was right.

I have chosen to remain with because of your superior and attentive support staff, as they are far more responsive than any online company with which I have ever done business. Even though I have had special requests and questions from day one, they've always come through for me in record time, and made me feel like a valued customer. At every turn, I've found more and more evidence that each of your customers are individuals whom they enjoy going out of their way to help, and I can't ask for more than that.

I highly, highly recommend your service, and am so very glad I chose

Thank you very much for everything,

Paula Taylor"

"I am using your hosting package for over 4 months now and I am very happy with what I have.

CleverDot gave me what I expected from a web-host: a low-price and full service.

First, cleverdot supports all major options needed for a professional web site.
Second and most important, the support they give is absolutely the best. I have used it couple of times and their reply was instant. The minor problems (don't freak out, everyone has some problems from time to time) were solved in seconds, and that is what really matters.
And third, even more important from the previous two, the servers are always up, the response speed is high, everything works smooth and my visitors are satisfied!"


"Dear CleverDot,

This note is to thank you for your excellent product and services that you provide. This I mean both generally and specifically.

Generally: because you have an excellent product. What you provide for the fee that you charge is TopShelf. I can not afford premium service for my site which is more or less a hobby. When I went looking around for some of the more affordable packages on the internet, most of them lacked in some of the critical areas; i.e. MySQL, CGI, PHP, Control Panel, adequate space and/or sufficient bandwidth. Your product offers all of these. Not to mention the package I use, which is the $29.99 Special Package.

Specifically: early this morning my webpage was hacked into. Whoever did it took down the entire site. I was floored. They not only took down my entire site, they changed my password so that I was not even able to find out the full extent of the damage. Nor was I able to attempt the reconstruction of my site. I felt somewhat helpless. The only thing I could think of doing was send off an email to and ask for help against hope. The technician on the other end asked for a couple of pieces of info that only I would have. About twenty minutes later, my site was back up. Not only back up, but apparently unharmed. Not only did this person fix the result, they had a pretty good idea of how this happened. It turns out that one of the programs I run from the site had a known exploit. So I was directed to an article that addresses this issue by your support team. How can you ask for more than that?

If I was paying hundreds of dollars a year for hosting, I might expect this. I don’t. I have the least expensive plan that you offer and I got the service I would expect from the most premium.

Even though my site is mostly for my amusement, I have put hundreds of hours into making it what I want. If I had to start from a blank sheet… I’m not certain when or if I would ever have.

One Million Thanks"


"I heard about Cleverdot from a friend's friend just as I was building my website and looking for the right space. I still find it hard to believe sometimes the phenomenal service and value these guys give - their support is personal and very quick, and the servers are reliable. I'm really happy with choosing them."

Shah Ifhar

"I use CleverDot for my domain registration and management. They have a fast, efficient, no-nonsense setup that's easy to use. Support has been great. Other registrars or hosts I've dealt with could stand to learn a thing or two (even some of the more popular, well-known ones)! Well recommended!"

Paul T.

"CleverDot has been a reliable and indispensable portion of our business. There attention to detail and expedient customer service has allowed us to grow and retain our client list. There is no one else out there who can do it better!

Thanks again!"

T.J. Swing
Swing Designs - Website Design & Development

" has always worked closely with us to assure quality. Being that they are a small company helps to keep a close and personal relationship with them--one that we prefer over a larger, multimillion dollar impersonal company. Server downtime is minimal and when maintenance does occur it is always early morning before anyone wakes. And with a price that you just can't beat, our vote is A+ for!!"


"I have two websites hosted with and have recommended them to family, friends, and colleagues. My website is very important to me as it hosts my online portfolio which I use to showcase my work to possible employers or clients for my freelance work. From two websites and several years of being a customer I have come to recognize as an incredible value for the price they charge."

Lee J. Meza

"It has been great fun to develop my site through They have the best (lowest) prices to enable anybody to own a domain. Over and above this their control panel that aided me in creating my website is very user-friendly. even an absolute novice like me could build my own website. They have been very supportive and I have got replies to my queries almost instantly from their support department. Thank you"

Leena Kapoor

"I am very happy with the service and support provided by CleverDot - especially in light of the pricing. They are always very prompt with answers to all questions and concerns - and the answers are intelligent and useful. It is quite a relief to have competent humans at the other end of the support line. I recommend the CleverDot services whenever I can."

Jennifer Pivovar

"I am extremely pleased to say that has the best hosting service available. I do not know a whole lot about web design, but with the help of cleverdot's technical support, I have been happily running my site. Cleverdot is simply the best choice out there, for anyone at any age."

C. Cassady

"Fortunately, I've searched first for the most competitive price for domain registration. Otherwise I will be wasting money on other registrar. I can say nothing else - just simply ROCKS!!! Surely I will be recommending you to my colleagues."


"I have been a Webmaster for a dozen years, and I can tell you from over a decade of experience that Cleverdot is one of those companies that you often wonder why you do not find them at the top of the list when you do a search online for hosting providers or domain name registrars. I have used most of the providers out there and Cleverdots customer service ranks right at the top with the best of them. In all the years of working with them I have had no complaints whatsoever. They even make complex issues like registering a domain name as a DNS a breeze. They handle domain name transfers like a pro, unlike one huge domain name registrar I will not mention who ripped me off because they somehow lost the records of some transfers and I ended up having to pay the fees for the buyer to save face. I did not have time to dig up my credit card records because the names were expiring, this has never happened using Cleverdot. I do not take a recommendation for someone lightly, they have to earn it the good old fashioned way through hard work and dedication, Cleverdot has earned my recommendation. I work in a fast paced environment competing against some of the best Webmasters out there and believe me I appreciate it when my provider does everything possible to avoid undue needless stress."

Bob (Webmaster)

"Your company has always offered great service fast. When people ask for web host recommendations, I always tell them about this site for several reasons; extremely competitive pricing, support questions are always answered in less than 24 hours, your site will usually go online the next day after signing up and there are more features than most higher priced hosting companies. I should know because I shopped around for weeks, comparing prices and features, before finding"

C. Smith

"What is it that I like about Well, the fact that their servers are top notch, and almost NEVER down! The support Clever Dot provides is unbelievable, send in a ticket at 10 am you'll have a response by noon!

Thank your CleverDot for providing us with the BEST service out there!"

Terrance Bortell (Insane Designz President)
DeLand, FL


Your service, customer support, and value are remarkable. Thank you for providing my website with a home on the web and exceptional customer relations!"


"As a new customer of CleverDot, I’m very satisfied. Their special domain name + hosting package is a great value and very useful for bloggers and students like me who wants to have ad-free, fully featured service for a great price. Ftp speed is quite high and their servers are always online. They also care for your feedback. I recommend their service to anyone."

Mert Ulas

"I'm just writing this email to say thanks really. The updates you have made on my account were unexpected but very much welcomed!!

It shows what great service I know I'm going to get from you guys, and in the year and a half I have been using your service not once have you not replied to my emails of help, or given me bad service. And now I find out my account has been given more webspace and more MySQL Databases!!! Its just amazing!!

I just want to thank you again for amazing service and excellent prices. You guys are doing a great job and I look forward to hosting with you guys for as long as possible!

Thanks :D"

Ben B.

"The service I have received from cleverdot has been exceptionally brilliant. In my communications with them, Cleverdot have been courteous and responded extremely promptly.

The hosting service is excellent. Cleverdot provide an extremely fast and reliable hosting unlike my previous hoster.
The extras Cleverdot provide as standard, included in their basic plan, provides a very powerful beginners package. With the help of cleverdot, I managed to create and publish an on line store.

In summery, having scored the net for many days comparing hosting plans, I took a gamble on hosting with Cleverdot.

It's probably the best decision I made all of last year.

Overall rating ***** (five star)"

kal kohli

"Here you find yourself reading another Testimonial. And the question arises, "can I actually believe this one?" I know it's difficult. It seems that Testimonials are a dime a dozen, there simply everywhere. But I can assure you that I don't give these things out likely. All of this Web page stuff was new to me at the time, but made it easy and even exciting. Their system is quick and creditable and above all reliable. And if you need tech support in anyway, their responses are immediate and resourceful. Believe me, if I maybe so bold, your search is over. Welcome to!!"

Here's my email address if you have any questions:


I recently purchased a domain name and server space off clever dot for a very reasonable price. Any problems I had with my account were answered in less than half an hour. The service cleverdot offers is of a top standard. There c panel is also very easy to use and offers many features that can enhance the usability of your site, you can add forums, polls and much more.
Just wanted to thank the clever dot staff for your service it was #1."


" has been so smooth, solid, and seamless as a hosting solution that sometimes I forget it's what's behind my web sites!."


"I have been using for my host for over a year now. Top notch in my opinion. I webmaster my own remodeling business site and I also webmaster two other websites, one for a local electrical supply company and the other the local rod and gun club all three now hosted by I was paying over $100.00 dollars (US) for one website with far less webspace and bandwidth not to mention less features. I am getting all three sites hosted for less than the one I had been using with more of everything. I can't remember how I found now, but I am certainly glad I did. I have had minimum downtime, terrific tech support, even on issues they really didn't have to help me with! I hope they will be around for a long time, I will be with them as long as they are, as long as the service and price stays as good as it is now. If your shopping for a REAL webhost that has all the bells and whistles you need for a professional website, Look No More! is your answer."

T.C. Cogsdell Jr

"We are pleased to recommend the services of - we had tried several large service providers and found their customer service very lacking. Our service plan is adequate, the facilities and functionality is great and with the customer service is that of an enterprise that wants to retain their customers and have them enjoy the service."

Eric and Susan

"Where do I start?!! Cleverdot is the only company I will use to register my domain names. When I first registered, I had a ton of questions, some of them didn't even have anything to do with the services I had registered... All of my emails were answered within 24 hours, but most of them were answered within 2 hours!!! And I got my answers every time. If the problem was something that didn't pertain to Cleverdot, they still went way out of their way to help me, sending me a list of links to companies that could help me! The people at Cleverdot helped me set everything up from start to finish. And do I even have to mention their rates? The best! I seriously will never need another web host/domain name register. Thank you so much Cleverdot!"

Melissa Murray

" is a great resource with a wonderful team of individuals behind it. This year I delved into the world of web design pretty much clueless as to what I was getting myself into. After signing on with them with my own account the team came to the rescue if ever I had any questions no matter how insignificant those questions may have been. Its a rarity that you will find any business willing to help you out and make sure that you're experience is a good one. I would recommend them to any and everyone that is interested in getting their websites hosted."



We've been with your guys for more than 5 years now and it has been everything we expected. Your communication is good for any service and maintenance happening. Problems are seldom, but when they do occur (even though we are in opposite time zones) your response time is very acceptable and we work it out quite quickly. For our needs you offer excellent value and service. So, keep it up. Look forward to many more good years together."

Kumbha Young Grenier


I have been making websites for years now. I have never ever had a better support then I could never remember when I had downtime, always there and always ready to help in any way possible. The prices are incredibly low for the support and features that you provide."


"I have tried a lot of other hosting companies out there and no one compares to I am extremely happy with their services and professional staff. Thank you CleverDot!"

Marko Nikolic

"My domain registration and hosting package were both initiated by I can honestly say that they have been spot on with their service and support."

"I have been using for about a year now has always responded to my web hosting needs quickly and courteously and at an affordable price! Their support staff is extremely professional and knowledgeable I would personally recommend their services to anyone."

Jeff Glazov

"I been using for a while now and come to realize that it has to be one of the best domain registrars very cheap and great support from the teams..."

George Orsmond

"We appreciate your quality of service and response. I would recommend Cleverdot to members of my contact network."


"In one word - fantastic. I'm so happy that I chose Top-notch service, great support, I don't have any complaints at all! Simply outstanding! Keep up the amazing work."


"I'll be the first one to say that I knew nothing about webpage design, hosting, html, etc., when I started about a year ago to create my own webpage. When I searched for a company to host my webpage, I had no idea where or who to choose for web hosting. I chose to host my webpage after e-mailing them with questions about how web hosting works. responded and answered all of my questions and most importantly eased my mind through this process. Since then, the support team at has been most helpful with questions or problems I encounter and their responses are always the same-day, if not within minutes. They've truly earned my trust."

Ninna Mantooth-Lopez
Northwest Louisiana Mobile Notary/Signing Agent

"It has now been about nine months since I found you and, because I have been so pleased with the hosting prices/packages and the technical support, I have transferred over several websites I maintain, and I have recommended you to others that have made the change also. It was hard for me to believe that you could provide the services you do, for the exceptionally reasonable rates you charge but, you do! And I also feel that your technical support is both quick and helpful. To sum it up, I am extremely pleased with your services, and will continue to recommend you highly to everyone I know."

5 years later:

"Having been with Cleverdot.Com since October of 2005, I can easily say that it has been a more than satisfactory 5 1/2 year experience. Not only are the prices extremely affordable, and the services/hosting packages well-rounded, but the technical support has a phenomenal ability to respond quickly to any question or situation. The few times I've found it necessary to call on support for a problem, they were always able to find/resolve the problem in a very short time. Other times I've communicated with support, it has been to have them advise or instruct me in how to accomplish the things I need to do. As a web designer/administrator, all of this is very important to me, and because Cleverdot.Com has demonstrated the ability to go above and beyond in all capacities, I am delighted to bring all my customers to them."

Linda S. Stolte

"I'm using cleverdot for URL forwarding. It's the cheapest service I found and it's simple. I've had no problems with it whatsoever. I don't have anything more to write. Like a good service, I never have to think about it, it just works."

A. Mohan

"It is my pleasure to recommend without any reservations. I've been hosting a Web site for an in-law at practically as long as they've been around (as well as one for myself, primarily for family e-mail accounts). Before signing up with, I looked at other hosting providers and found none equaling the combination of features and price offered by They don't have the gee-whiz advertising or flashing lights you might find marketing other Web hosts, but they provide great service without hidden fees or onerous contracts. offers 5 simply priced plans for various levels of usage--from the simple mom & pop Web page to complex sites maintained by serious Web professionals. At all pricing levels, their service plans get the same menu of great features and you just pay for consuming tangible resources (primarily storage and bandwidth) rather than being dimed-and-dollared for each individual feature that you require. If you want to try out a particular feature, fine, but if you don't need it, no problem; it will be waiting for you when your Web pages require it. Things just work, and they don't pressure you to buy more than you need. What more can you ask for than solid features and services without the hard sell?"

John Mikesell

"Cleverdot does offer a great service at a great price and i am very satisfied of the professional, personal and excellent customer services provided to me. Great thanks ..."


"You are certainly one of the best web hosting companies. I highly appreciate your service and a reliable support. Any issues are resolved by support team within 20-30 minutes - it is enough rare in the web! I think webmasters should understand and appreciate it."


"Cleverdot have been an absolutely brilliant host. I compared many hosting services on the web and Cleverdot was the clear winner both in terms of price and web extras. Their help service was superfast and helpful. I now have two sites which I host with them and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others."


"I've been very happy with's service. I've even recommended several friends to purchase their domain names from CleverDot, which they have all done and have also been very pleased! I wanted my domain name, but didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for it and a lot of extra fancy stuff that I knew I wouldn't use. CleverDot is the perfect blend of a good price and the right amount of tools I need for my web-site! Thank you CleverDot for making my web-site at my domain name possible!


Nikki Tomlinson"

"I'm one of your customers and I want to thank you for your service,your offer like domain, webhost and etc.

Also ,I would like to to thank your customer service staff for their quick respond to our inquiry and for solving all of the problem we faced.

Thank you again and I appreciate your helpful and I am really happy to be one of your customers."


"Dear Cleverdot Staff,

We at Body and Soul Wellness Center would like to tell you how much we appreciate your web services. You offer us the very best prices anywhere, provide us with all the web services we could possibly need, and your staff's responses to our inquiries have always been prompt and helpful. We cannot ask for more. Thank you!."

Sharie Camren

"When I first started looking for a webhost, a friend and colleague recommended CleverDot and I have been using them ever since my first site. As a designer, they have been extremely supportive in assisting me through the more technical side of managing my website. Their prices are unbeatable and their customer service is stellar. They are quick to respond to any question big or small!."


"I have been a member of several web hosts and I am proud to say that CleverDot is the only host I would recommended to anyone. You will not find a more affordable full-featured web host or domain registration anywhere. CleverDot makes it easy to have your website setup within 24 hours and makes it even easier to manage your website and domains with the included Control Panel. I have registered several websites and domains over the past year and have had at least 99% uptime and fast bandwidth. Look no farther for a hosting provider, CleverDot is here to personally answer any questions you have, setup a website for you, while giving you the privacy and control you deserve from a hosting company.

Thanks Infinitely"


"I am happy for this opportunity to express my gratitude and satisfaction with For years I had designed sites but left the actual building to techies. When I finally decided to do it all myself, there were many points I didn't know about. I was very lucky to have found, whose support people responded both immediately, intelligently and patiently to all my questions. With their help and guidance I have successfully set up and published the site. I look forward to the next sites I will host with them, and recommend their services wholeheartedly!"


"As Information Technology committee chair, it was my responsibility to find an affordable way to get our organization on the web. After using the search engines to compare the many companies that offer web hosting, was the obvious choice for an affordable web site and e-mail. After 5 months, we couldn’t be happier. The site loads fast and looks great. The cPanel controls and web stats are easy to use for a first time webmaster like me. When the company I work for has our web site contracts due in the spring, we will be moving to too!

Nick Saccone

South Colonie Dollars for Scholars"

"I have been making and regeristing websites since I was in high school. I have always took the time to find a host with very low prices, lots of space and bandwidth, and a company I can trust. I found about three years ago, and I have made my next five websites with them. I also plan on using for all of my future sites and web projects. Their servers are fast and reliable, their support team is awesome with very prompt and accurate replies. Most importantly they don't flood my email inbox with "specials and offers" like other hosting companies do. I can honestly say I have never had such a host that has even come close to their standards, and I hope it stays this way."


"I host many websites with cleverdot because I appreciate their unique combination of low-price and personal services. I never received irrelevant cut-and-paste answers to my questions as with some other hosting services, and the navigation to the question form is straightforward. That, the fact that Awstats runs smoothly and a cPanel platform are very important to me as a customer. I highly recommend cleverdot."


"Over the last 7 years I have used many web hosts. is simply the best that anyone could ask for in terms of price, reliability, and support."

Ken Vanderwall

"I have had nothing but great business dealings with and great support. I have been with them for years and they have been very helpful in supporting my website. I like the fact that they have always worked on providing more tools and improving their service. Great deal for a great price!"

Matthew Ymer

"I have noticed a lot of comments about the service that cleverdot provides to its customers.

#1 on the list is customer service. With a team dedicated to driving the extra mile in all that they do, they have provided me with exceptional service. They are quick to respond and happy to do it. This team is the top of the line, it makes the "Home Depot" customer service look rediculous.

#2 On the list is service. Up time is around 99.9%, with more features than even thought possible. They provide SQL database access, PHP, and about 100 extras that just about anyone can use.

#3 Price.. The famous quote "Show Me The Money". You will see a lot more of it working with this Hosting service than any other that I have found. Dependability is 5 stars, and quality of service gets the same.

My opinion, Cleverdot is the only Hosting Package on the net worth looking at."


"I am extremely pleased with Registration, Hosting and Support service available at CleverDot. It is easy to maintain the site.I never tried any other service and do not need to. Clever Dot was recommended to me by a friend and I am recommending it now. With 31,000 clicks since may of last year our business has doubled."

A. Aliolli

"I changed to Cleverdot in January 2004. I am very pleased with the rates, response time to questions and effectiveness of the responses. I can certainly recommend the Cleverdot to others."

P. Wijers

"I am extremely satisfied with!! Initially I only purchased a domain name, but I was so impressed with the prompt and helpful customer support I decided to also use their hosting services."

Ian Dickinson

" is an excellent Hosting and Domain registration provider Fast and personal service , near zero down time. Great value for the money."

Tomer Granit

"The best testimonial that I can give is that I never notice the web host. The work panel is there when I need it, but the host is otherwise unobtrusive. However, whenever I need support they are there."


"Yes, your server is indeed very good in terms of up time to redirect my url using your server to maintain my domain.

I highly recommend your service to anyone who wish to have a hosting server."

Edwin, Malaysia

"Throughout my subscription with the service gone from good to best. they never cease to make their site and service offering better. Their customer service and support is the best i have seen personal and super quick. I would highly recommend them."


"Many thanks for the prompt reply and fix. less than 30 minute response on a Saturday night no less..
Hats off to you folks. ya'll keep this up and I'll have to get another domain or two.

Thanks again."


"Excellent Service, Excellent Customer Service, Excellent price. Tengo 2 años con con mis 4 páginas web y lo he recomendado a todos mis amigos y clientes. Nunca he tenido problema con sus servidores y cada vez que he necesitado de ayuda técnica, me han apoyado. Todo por 30 pesos ($USD) al año.."


"I had CleverDot.Com first register a .com domain and use it for URL and email forwarding. Being very reliable, I then chose CleverDot.Com to host the domain as well. This was done initially for convenience and value for money but I soon found out the vast range of tools and facilities available in the Control Panel, even with the starter package. Email queries have also been quickly answered but there has been little need.

Particularly useful is having the combined flexibility of FrontPage server extensions with all the other services. On the larger sites, this makes an even bigger difference to the ease and speed of updating as much of the processing is done on the server for common parts of pages.

I initially ran a site ( for a member of my family and it is a specialist educational one in French but since then, this has expanded 3 more charity ones, 1 French ( ) and 2 British ( and )

The reason for the expansion using CleverDot.Com is their continued good service and reliability. Well done CleverDot.Com from the UK and France and keep up the good work."

Webmaster for:

"I am a web designer and have been with for about 5 months. I am very satisfied with the service and with the $29.99/yr price for domain name and hosting. I originally signed up for 1 yr and recently extended my service to 6 yrs."

J. Baslie

" has truly been the best host I've ever had. Since I signed up a few years ago I have not only set up several other sites but I've made it a point to refer everyone I talk to and have even built sites for other people using hosting. I have no idea how they pull off the first class service at such an incredibly low price. I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with everything they have provided so far and will continue doing business with them until the end of time. THANKS CLEVERDOT.COM!!"

Ryan O'Toole

"I have always had a very positive experience with Customer support always responds almost immediately and works with me to resolve any issues I may have. Very happy with their pricing and service. I definitely would recommend them to other web developers."


"The guys at Cleverdot are the greatest. Fast customer service and faster servers! If you need web hosting you need look no further. The price and services of cleverdot are the best you will find."

Darell Mckissick

"I have been using for several years now and there is no doubt whatsoever that CleverDot provides an outstanding service. If you are looking for low cost, high quality, reliable service and quick and efficient support, than CleverDot is the way to go."


"CleverDot is the only web host/DNS service I use. It's dirt cheap, has relatively low amounts of downtime, and is capable of hosting all the traffic my site gets. Also, did I mention it's dirt cheap?"


"I've used Cleverdot for over three years to host several websites, and I've recommended it to friends and clients as well. Things almost always run smoothly, and when they don't, their support team has always been very helpful and friendly in resolving any issues I've had. I'm very pleased with Cleverdot!"

Emile Goss

"Cleverdot's hosting and domain name services are cheap, reliable, efficient and professional. Their support system is first rate as well... any small problems I've had have been sorted out immediately. I highly recommend them and will be using them for further domains and other clients!"

David Corbet

"I was very pleased with the way my dealings with cleverdot were carried out - quick unobtrusive and without fuss. Very good indeed - no problems. Would definitely use you again!"

Jack du Rose

"I came to recently to arrange a hosting for my company after having bad experiences from other providers. I was pleasantly surprised with professional service, speed of arranging the hosting package, instant reply to support requests and very well structured on-line management of my hosting package. I wish you to keep doing such a good job. Thank you."

Dr. Artur Krukowski


"I was in the market for another domain registrar after my last registrar decided to jack up their prices, after searching the net for potential deals, I found out that many domain registrars use gimmicks to lure clients to their site. They might advertise a lower price but you have to buy additional hosting in order to get that price, or buy it for 10 yrs. On any count I'm one of those guys who always look for a valued service with a valued price, in other words I'm cheap but I still want good service. Once I ran across I knew my hard research was over. I have a handful of domain names I registered with them and I am very happy. offers no gimmicks, one of the lowest prices on the entire internet, 7.77 for a 1 yr domain hosting, and a handful of free services that go along with it. So in conclusion, I am not only a customer, but a proud costumer knowing that my hard earned money goes to a company that still wants to please its customers.

Thank you,

Andrew Molnar"

" has been truly awesome. I am extremely pleased with this service. Feel free to abbsolutely quote me. Cost is very reasonable and I have found this service to be without any headaches, easy to access and well managed. I will continue with to host both my site and domain. I have referred your organization to friends and other professionals as well."


William S. Gilardon

Band leader Chicago Grandstand Big Band

"In David Cisneros we do research in Human Resources Management supported by web technologies, and when selecting a Webhosting and Domain name provider for clients, Cleverdot comes to mind as the leading resource in costs, efficiency, and customer support."


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