"I wanted to take a minute or two to express my thanks and appreciation for Cleverdot.com. I have been using Cleverdot for a couple of years now. I also had another domain that I would use whatever free hosting I could find because it was mainly a hobby site. When I became frustrated with the free hosting’s limited capabilities, i.e., no PHP and no databases, I considered that my initial site hosted with Cleverdot had a lot of unused potential as far as space and available databases. I contacted Cleverdot via email and within a day, my hobby site was moved over to my space hosted with Cleverdot. There was a minimal charge, which I thought was very fair and the effort could not have been more simple. I have since bettered my skills and now make pages for friends and I insist that if they want my help, they will use Cleverdot for their hosting needs. The uptime for my site is excellent and they always let me know if there is to be server maintenance that may or may not affect my site. When I have had any questions or issues, their support team responds remarkably prompt and resolves my questions and issues just as quick. I have used, for rather short periods of time, other paid hosts. I won’t name them, but you have read and seen their ads. You feel as though you are a number…one they seem to forget too. With Cleverdot, I feel like they are looking to make me happy and do what is necessary to achieve that end.

Thanks for the excellent service and I look forward to many more years of it."